Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne will be the guest of the news of 20 Hours of TF1 this Thursday evening after having engaged the responsibility of his government on the pension reform, announced the channel.

President Emmanuel Macron and Elisabeth Borne took the decision to use Article 49.3 of the Constitution to adopt without a vote this very unpopular reform, after noting that a majority in the National Assembly on this text was very uncertain. In an indescribable chaos, covered by Marseillaise sung in loop by left-wing groups, Elisabeth Borne announced that she committed her government to this emblematic reform of Macron's second five-year term.

Elisabeth Borne had indicated to assume to be a "fuse"

"We cannot take the risk of seeing the compromise built by the two Assemblies discarded. We can not bet on the future of our pensions, "tried to justify the Prime Minister who will be the guest of the 20 Hours of TF1. "In a few days, I have no doubt, the commitment of the responsibility of the government will be answered by one or more motions of censure. A vote will therefore take place, as it should be. And it is therefore parliamentary democracy that will have the last word," added Elisabeth Borne.

During the meeting held at midday at the Elysée on the pension reform, concerning the use or not of 49.3 to adopt the text without a vote of the deputies, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne had indicated to assume to be a "fuse" in case of recourse to 49.3

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