Drug excesses and crashes in front of the paparazzi's cameras did not harm Cara Delevingne's market value. The British model, who lives in Los Angeles, is said to have earned almost $ 250,000 for showing off jewelry from the Italian luxury company Bulgari at the Oscars.

Delevingne had shown herself at the award ceremony on Monday night with a diamond-studded necklace in snake shape including bracelet and earrings to a red gown by designer Elie Saab on the stage of the Dolby Theatre.

The approximately 80-carat jewelry is said to be worth more than a million dollars. A few days before the Oscar gala, the 30-year-old, who was in front of the camera for the series "Carnival Row" and the film "Margo's Traces", reported on drug crashes and alcohol excesses in "Vogue".

After photos that showed her disoriented at an airport in Los Angeles, she had finally sought help in a rehab clinic in Utah a few months ago. At the celebrations on Oscar night, she also attracted attention by drinking only water and juice.