A Jordanian mother sells her daughter for two thousand dinars. It unfolds during the sale of her second "fetus"

A Jordanian court is hearing the case of a Jordanian woman who sold her "illegitimate" child to a family deprived of the blessing of childbearing.

The mother had an illicit relationship with the son of her friend, who resorted to living with her after her divorce from her husband, and an illicit relationship developed between them that took place with her "consent", and resulted in her pregnancy.
The lady waited for her baby, and after giving birth she got into trouble, as she lives in her friend's house, and she did not know what she would do, how she would act, and to whom to attribute her child. At the same time, she was also overwhelmed by the details of arranging her child's life, especially in the face of her "illegitimate father's" refusal to acknowledge his paternity to her, according to the case file.

Before her heart was attached to the child, her friend had coordinated with a childless family to sell the child, so this family came and paid the midwife's rent of 50 dinars, then her friend convinced her to "sell" her child to the family, in exchange for 2000 dinars, and cover the rent of the house, electricity and water, and sold her child, who was named Jude in the new family without being registered with the Civil Status Department.
How was the secret of the mother who sold her daughter revealed, after two years of secrecy and secrets?
According to the confessions of the accused to the security authorities, published by Jordanian newspapers, that two years after the birth of her first child, she became pregnant again from the same young man without marriage, so she wanted to sell her new fetus while he was in her womb, to a new family deprived of procreation for 11 years, and through her friend met the woman wishing to embrace the next baby, provided that she officially registers an embracing request at the Ministry of Development, and told the woman that she "wants to sell her fetus before birth, because she cannot spend on it."
To complete the deal, the mother got excited and told the "customer" that about two years ago, she gave birth to her first daughter with another family, named Jude, and was paid 2000,<> dinars for it.

The customer was surprised by the matter, and did not believe this act, so she informed the Family Protection Foundation and the security authorities who arrested the mother, her friend and the illegitimate father.

According to Jordanian law, the sale of her child and those involved with her by a mother falls under the penalty of the felony of human trafficking, interference with the misdemeanor of human trafficking, and reliance on the law on the abolition of slavery, that is, the sale of one person to another, contrary to the provisions of article (5/1), in addition to other charges, which were based on the Penal Code.