They will surely remember this particular intervention for a long time. Thursday, the gendarmes of the motorized platoon of Durtal (Maine-et-Loire) saved two lives. The military were responsible for paving the way for two ambulances that were to reach Angers-Marcé airport as quickly as possible, reports the weekly Les Nouvelles L'Echo Fléchois.

The two vehicles left the CHU of Angers and transported organs that were to save the lives of two people. Two planes were chartered to Paris and Lille. The objective of the military? "Allow ambulances to reach the airport as soon as possible and safely despite heavy traffic and sleet," as they say on Facebook.

Escorted by the gendarmes, the medical teams were able to embark "with their precious cargoes" in a timely manner. "Mission accomplished for our gendarmes and satisfaction to have helped save two lives," says the departmental gendarmerie of Maine-et-Loire on Facebook.

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