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A convincing argument has emerged amid various speculations about the reason for Hollywood actor Tom Cruise's absence from the Academy Awards.

US media Variety published an article titled "Oscars Show Secrets" on the 13th (local time) to tell the story behind this year's Academy Awards. The most impressive part of the article was about Tom Cruise's absence.

Variety cited the opening remarks of the Academy Awards as the background to Tom Cruise's absence. The Academy opens the ceremony with a monologue by the moderator. In this order, we mention the works that have graced the film industry during the year, as well as the performances of actors who have given outstanding performances. He also talks about major issues in the film industry with humor.

In the process, he also throws derisive comments about the actors. It's natural in American awards and party culture, but for actors, it's not always pleasant to sit in the audience and listen to self-deprecating jokes.

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Variety speculated that Tom Cruise may have been absent after receiving information in advance that there was a comment mocking him in this year's Academy Awards opening monologue. It was rumored that host Ziki Kimmel's monologue script was written by director Jude Appertow, who had previously hosted the DGA (Directors Guild of America) Awards.

At the DGA Awards, Jude Appertou made comments that crossed the line of ridicule and disrespect, including a mocking comment about Tom Cruise's small stature in reference to "Top Gun: Maverick," and Tom Cruise's incredible action performance even in his 60s, referring to his religion, Scientology. It's possible that Tom Cruise, who has gone through such a precedent, didn't want to go through another unpleasant event at the Academy Awards.

Of course, this is a rumor. Regarding his absence from the Academy Awards, Tom Cruise revealed that it was because it coincided with the filming schedule for "Mission: Impossible 8."

Jimmy Kimmel also clarified that rumors that Appertou had tinkered with his opening remarks were not true. He expressed regret that he could not write a tribute to Tom Cruise's performance.

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Tom Cruise pulled the Hollywood film industry out of a long quagmire last year with "Top Gun: Maverick," a film he produced and starred in. "Top Gun: Maverick," which was released in May last year, grossed more than $5 million in North America and more than $7.14 billion worldwide. Amid Marvel's subsequent slump, it was unusual for a non-hero movie to achieve such a box office performance.

At this year's Academy Awards, "Top Gun: Maverick" was not nominated in major categories such as Best Picture and Best Acting. Although it is an entertainment film, given the box office success and symbolic significance it achieved in Hollywood last year, the opinion was that it should be nominated.

In addition, Tom Cruise did not attend the awards ceremony, which caused great regret. In this regard, it has been suggested that Tom Cruise is reluctant to run into his ex-wife, Nicole Kidman, but this is less convincing. In the past, Tom Cruise has attended the Academy Awards attended by Nicole Kidman.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kim Ji-hye)