Ten thousand euros is the sum claimed today from the 12 former employees of an electricity and plumbing company in Saint-Lô (Manche). In October 2008, the boss of the company disappeared and the employees had to wait two years before their dismissal was recognized and compensation was paid to them. But 13 years later, the sum collected is claimed from them, reports TF1 Actu.

An appeal in cassation still possible

On Wednesday, they had only seven days left to repay the sum and they risk seizures by bailiff if they do not comply. Only an appeal in cassation is still possible. It was by registered mail that a retiree and former employee of the company said he learned of this turnaround. He was informed that he had to repay €11,300. "I feel like my dismissal was stolen. We had a lot of trouble having the rights that go with it, and now, we are being asked for them, "he testified, denouncing "a double penalty".

This feeling is also shared by one of his former colleagues, who was in his twenties at the time of the end of the company's activity. "We are at the same point as fifteen years ago, [...] It's even worse, because we owe money! " he said. The situation of the former employees stems in fact from a decision of the Court of Appeal of Rouen (Seine-Maritime). It considered that "dismissal for economic reasons is ineffective" and therefore that the employees had to repay the compensation received.

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