This is the central element, the pillar of the pension reform. Article 7, which the Assembly had not reached during its two weeks of debates, providing for the postponement of the legal retirement age from 62 to 64 years, was validated by the joint committee. The supporters of this increase in the legal age are clearly in the majority in the composition of this commission, bringing together 7 senators and 7 deputies, and as many substitutes. If the commission was conclusive, which LR announced while discussions are still ongoing, the text resulting from the body should still be submitted Thursday to votes of the Senate, then the Assembly.

"Article 7, which postpones the retirement age to 64, is adopted in the CMP, with the complicity of the LRs. 10 parliamentarians vote behind closed doors 2 years firm for the entire population, "reacted in the wake on Twitter the leader of the rebellious deputies Mathilde Panot, present in the committee. "The shift in the retirement age is unfair and will aggravate precariousness. We continue our mobilization against this unjust reform," Arthur Delaporte (PS) tweeted. "70% of the French are opposed to it, 70% of the CMP is composed of those who support this postponement: they will answer to the voters," denounced for his part the deputy of the RN group Thomas Ménagé, also present in the commission.

A "scam" on long careers?

Parliamentarians will then examine Article 8, which includes measures for long careers. The LR deputy of the Lot Aurélien Pradié, and with him a part of the LR group, asks that all beneficiaries of the long careers scheme (who began working before the age of 21) do not contribute more than 43 years, regardless of legal age.

Word spread Wednesday in the corridors of the Assembly that the government would accede to this request in CMP, on the eve of a very uncertain vote in Parliament. But left-wing parliamentarians dispute this, believing that the government is only taking up a government proposal, deemed insufficient by the LR deputy. "A third of people with long careers should contribute more" than the 43 annuities, insisted to the Assembly Manuel Bompard, coordinator of La France insoumise. "It is a scam since always cumulative with the age shift," denounced the ecologist Sandrine Rousseau.

"It is not the Pradié amendment that was much broader," confirmed to journalists MoDem deputy Philippe Vigier, a member of the presidential majority in the Assembly, who defends, however, a breakthrough. "The idea is that there are 43 annuities for everyone but respecting age limits. Leave at 58, 60 or 62 years, but respecting the 43 annuities with 5 quarters" worked before a certain age, said Senator Macroniste Xavier Iacovelli. "The amendment that could be accepted is not Pradié's. It always has age limits, "confirms an LR executive.

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