A mother in her 30s who gave birth at a hospital in
Daegu disappeared leaving her baby in the hospital. Later, another woman claimed she was a mother and tried to take the baby away, prompting the police to investigate.

TBC reporter Seo Eun-jin contributed to this report.

Miss A, a woman in her 30s, gave birth to a child at a university hospital in
Daegu on the 1st, and Miss A was hospitalized for six days and discharged first for postpartum care, but the child remained in the hospital because she needed further tests.

On the 13th, after the examination at the hospital, I contacted Miss A to take the child, but the person who came to the hospital was not the mother, but Miss B, a woman in her 30s.

Miss B said she was a mother and offered to take the child away, but when she found out that the nurse in charge was not the mother, she called the police.

[Hospital official: It seems that the nurse in charge discovered that the person who picked up the newborn was different from the actual patient, so he took action.]

It was confirmed that Mr. A, who actually gave birth to the child, received medical treatment in Mr. B's name, and the child was also registered as a birth to Mr. B.

The Daegu Police Agency's Women and Juvenile Crime Investigation Unit plans to investigate the call history and money transactions of the two women to confirm allegations of child trafficking, stating that Ms. B has known Ms. A for a long time.

Mr. A was also admitted for violating the Health Insurance Act by receiving medical treatment under another person's name, and the police plan to investigate further allegations against Mr. A.

Currently, the child is being cared for in the hospital, and there is growing interest in the reality of this incident, in which the birth mother and the mother on the family register are different.

(Video Interview: Kim Do-yoon TBC)