One Voice said it intends to file a complaint on Tuesday, after the discovery, in early March, in Barjac (Gard) of the body of a large canid, trapped in a collar. The association for the defense of animals specifies that its complaint will be the "destruction of protected species" and a "violation of the regulations governing the practice of trapping".

The animal's body was recovered by the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB). An autopsy is underway, to check if it is a wolf, or another species. This element is very important: since the wolf is a protected animal, this death would constitute a violation of the law. But for One Voice, there is little doubt: it is a she-wolf.

"Although snares are still authorized by law, especially to trap foxes, they are still cruel instruments," One Voice said in a statement. As soon as they are placed in nature, it is impossible to prevent other animals from coming into contact with them (...) Animals that do not die by strangulation can agonize for hours in a leghold trap. »

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