March 15, 2023

Brian May is knighted by Charles III

The Queen guitarist is a knight of the crown! Brian May was knighted by King Charles III on Tuesday.

The musician shared his joy on Instagram, writing in the caption of a photo of the ceremony that he had "no words" to comment on the news. "Sir Brian May," commented fellow guitarist Joe Satriani.

Brian May told The Associated Press that the title might give him more weight in his battles for the animal cause. "Maybe a few more people will listen to me, you know, if it's Sir Brian on the phone," he said.

Lindsay Lohan is pregnant

Lil Nas X apologizes to the trans community

Lil Nas X didn't make the transgender community laugh much with a joke posted on his Twitter page. The rapper had indeed posted a photo of a woman resembling him, with the caption "the operation was a success".

A joke that earned him strong criticism, and, this Tuesday, the musician made amends. "My apologies to the trans community, I (no doubt) handled this situation angrily instead of wondering why it wasn't cool. Lots of love to you guys. Sorry," he posted.

However, after a netizen criticized his apology, his response was not lacking in spice: "My beautiful, eat me the c*l".

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