Global Village in Ramadan. Unique experiences and new work schedules


Global Village in Dubai will welcome the holy month of Ramadan with a variety of cultural and heritage activities and experiences that will be held to celebrate this month.
Global Village will have a unique Ramadan theme during the holy month, from the traditional decorations along the festive walkway to the distinctive oriental motifs that will add a special festive character to Ramadan nights across Global Village.
Working hours will be changed during the month of Ramadan and Global Village will welcome guests from 6pm to 2am daily, allowing guests more time to enjoy the special events and atmosphere and to be able to welcome guests during Iftar and Suhoor times. Global Village will continue to welcome guests from families and friends for unique times until 29 April 2023.
Global Village is once again hosting the World Majlis, which offers guests a unique opportunity to experience Ramadan customs and traditions in an authentic heritage setting, where guests can choose from the World Majlis cuisine or any of the 250+ food outlets from Global Village to enjoy the most delicious Iftar and Suhoor experiences. Global Village guests, family and friends will be able to spend exceptional evenings with a variety of Ramadan shows and events including oud, qanun and cello performances, as well as Tanoura shows. Majlis guests will also be able to rent various board and card games such as Uno, Kerem, Jacquard, Chess or Backgammon. Reservations at the World Majlis can be made through the website.
Global Village is an ideal destination to shop various Ramadan accessories, decorations and flavors at more than 3,500 shopping outlets, where guests can visit the Egypt Pavilion, Turkey Pavilion and Al-Sanaa Pavilion to buy the most beautiful Ramadan home decorations and decorations, and they can also find the finest varieties of dates and delicious sweets in the pavilions of Saudi Arabia, Syria and Oman. The UAE, Yemen, Pakistan, Kuwait and Bahrain pavilions are key destinations for shopping for various spices and spices that add unique flavors to Ramadan dishes. The India Pavilion also offers a wide range of pottery cookware that is known for its ability to retain the quality and nutritional value of food, and are a great addition to any breakfast table.
Throughout the month of Ramadan, Global Village's main stage will host a variety of festive performances inspired by the spirit of the holy month, including the twice-daily performance of the 30-player Arabesque Orchestra. Guests will also be treated to a violinist show and a light telescope show.