A gang that carried out a large-scale charter scam in
the Incheon area has been put on trial. As of last month, 690 households had entered the auction process, and victims are pleading for the auction to stop before other assistance, saying they will be on the streets immediately.

Reporter Kim Deok-hyun reports.

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banners were hung everywhere saying that they were suffering a "social disaster" due to
the charter scam.

Since July last year, a series of notices have flown in that the house is going to be auctioned, and the nightmare has begun.

[Ahn Sang-mi/Michuhol-gu, Chairman of the Charter Fraud Task Force: One day, all of a sudden, the same mail was plugged in. When we shared information together, this is not unusual...]

When the charter deposit was not returned, the newlyweds' dreams were destroyed.

[Victim of charter scam: I have a newlywed couple who has a baby for two months. I was thinking about moving but I have a charter. I took out a loan. I can't do anything.]

With the third sale due next month, there is a fear of being evicted from the nest.

Of the more than 7,2 houses owned by "Building King" A, 700 were auctioned, and at the end of last month, a victim in his 690s was found dead when his house was auctioned off without getting his deposit back.

Victims appealed to stop the auction process to stop threats to their survival being thrown into the streets.

[Ahn Sang-mi/Michuhol-gu, Chairman of the Charter Fraud Task Force: Only when the auction is stopped can we get the support that the country gives, but all the generations who are driven out are just in a blind spot.]

The prosecution put six accomplices, including architect A and a certified broker, on trial for stealing 30.6 billion won in rental deposits from 161 apartments, villas, and other buildings.

The prosecution said that there was no rental deposit that Mr. A had returned to the victims, and that the house would continue to be auctioned in the future.

(Video Interview: Im Dong-guk, Video Editor: Won Hyung-hee, VJ: Kim Jong-gap)