The first group of co-stars revealed

Dubai Comedy Festival. More happiness over 10 days

Dubai audiences are treated to a selection of comedy stars during the festival. From the source

The Dubai Comedy Festival 2023 returns in a bigger format than in its previous editions, giving audiences the opportunity to enjoy a range of witty shows, laughter and laughter from 12 to 21 May.

The festival unveiled the first group of participants for this year's edition, most notably: Jamie Carr, Dara O'Brien and Zakir Khan, and the duo Joanne McNally and Vogue Williams, the stars of the popular podcast "My Therapist Justified Me".

Organised by Dubai Events, and produced by Prague, Live Nation and DXB Live, the festival will take place across several parts of Dubai, including Dubai Opera, Mall of the Emirates Theatre and Coca-Cola Arena, among others.

The festival aims to satisfy everyone's tastes, with a range of stand-up comedy shows, live podcasts, and fun-filled and laughable events.

Dara O'Brien is one of Ireland's biggest comedy stars and will offer Dubai audiences the chance to enjoy a fun-filled show at Dubai Opera on May 15. O'Brien's entertainment star shone after his performances resonated around the world and his successful career of more than two decades. In 2003, he became the host of the BBC's satirical news quiz show Mock the Week, and quickly became one of the channel's most popular comedy shows.

O'Brien's ability to blend thematic humor with his personal experiences, as well as his endearing personality, has given him a special place among his fans, with many describing his performances as professional lessons in observation comedy.

On 16 May, at Dubai Opera, Jimmy Carr, one of the UK's most famous comedy stars, with his striking sense of humor and sharp intelligence, will add to the joy and laughter of his patrons. Carr has won critical praise for his ability to improvise and interact with audiences, as he always tries to deliver unprecedented comedic experiences. Carr gained fame in the world of comedy thanks to his short jokes, funny and quick reactions, and funny comments on the modern lifestyle. Carr has a series of successful public performances, which have put his name on the list of today's most popular comedy stars.

Dubai Opera will also host comedy My Therapy Justified Me on 17 May, where Joan McNally and Vogue Williams will present a mix of humor and storytelling, daring and versatile, ensuring audiences have a time to laugh.

The duo tackles a range of issues that many face today, offering entertaining and entertaining advice in their distinctive style.

150 minutes of entertainment

Fans of Indian comedian Zakir Khan will have the chance to get a 150-minute dose of laughter and entertainment, as he presents his latest show in Hindi on May 14 at Dubai Opera.

Khan rose to prominence after winning the 2012 Comedy Central India Best Stand-Up Comedy Artist competition, after which he achieved several successes. Known for his comedy-story style, he has managed to attract more than seven million subscribers on his YouTube channel, reflecting his popularity in the Indian comedy scene. Khan's performances are very popular with his fans, and tickets are quickly sold out.


The new edition of the festival will kick off on several stages in the city.

The festival seeks to satisfy everyone's taste buds with a range of stand-up comedy shows, podcasts and fun-filled events.

Dubai Opera will host comedy show My Therapy Justified Me on 17 May, starring Joan McNally and Vogue Williams.