Samuel Vincent was 17 years old when he was diagnosed with Asperger's autism. "I was always on the sidelines and people made fun of me at school because I was different," he recalls. Today, he is 29 years old and has become a travelling pancake maker in Brittany...

Employers still too cautious

Before getting there, the young man had 151 job interviews: "Some employers accepted me for a trial but did not follow up," he explains. I specified at one point that I was autistic Asperger's, that it gave entitlement to financial assistance for the company ... But it wasn't enough for them to hire me."


He has created his own company and sells pancakes in a van: "My parents helped me a lot, to do the paperwork, to buy the vehicle, etc. Without them, I would still be looking. I have a message for autistic people: hold on to your dreams, persevere and never let yourself be taken apart."

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