He sees that the lack of good texts is the crisis of Arabic series in general

Ahmed Al Jassmi bets on "Ahl Al-Dar" in Ramadan: a milestone in Emirati drama


In the series "Ahl Al-Dar", which appears during the Ramadan season on Sama Dubai channel, the Emirati artist and producer Ahmed Al Jassmi is betting on presenting a different work, describing the series as "a milestone in the march of Emirati drama in this direction, and corrects many concepts about the importance of the producer's role in the dramatic process, especially since the producer is the pivotal person in building a good television work, and this is recognized throughout the world."

"I always seek, in cooperation with UAE artists, to present a successful drama to the masses, and I believe that we can achieve this dream, as long as we are able to sit at the same table to dialogue and discuss our ideas, put forward our ambitions and dreams, and achieve even one small step in this direction. Perhaps I have started this step, through the gate of (Ahl al-Dar), through which I present a dramatic text and a different artistic form."

Ahmed Al Jassmi, who is one of the pioneers of the Emirati art scene, did not hide that the step of creating a local drama that has all the elements of success, attraction and elements of competitiveness, still needs artistic development tools, which seeks to improve its contents, methods of formulation and messages always, relying on renewal and led by young elements and new blood that constantly supply the scene with creative ideas.

Innovative Ideas

Through the drama writing workshop that he succeeded in establishing, Al Jassmi seeks to present a contemporary drama series that bets on its successes, relying on innovative ideas supported by a directorial vision that will be followed by the details of the audience in Ramadan. The Emirati star saw that «the main problem suffered by Arab drama in general and the Gulf and Emirati in particular, is the lack of good texts that satisfy the taste of the artist to push him towards presenting a competitive artistic project that has an exciting place in the mind of the viewer, in an era dominated by digital platforms and the power of the image, as we live in a world that simulates the experience of the small village placed in the hands of the public, as everyone can follow the most important international artworks through digital platforms and other modern technical means. This imposes on the artist today new approaches and contemporary accompaniments that can only be achieved through the development of his artistic tools and distancing as much as possible from traditional treatments, proposals, and old schools of acting based on emotions."

He stressed «the importance of paying attention to the taste of scenes that have recorded a qualitative development in light of this steady openness, as the youngest viewer of this type of work has become a good critic capable of tracking errors, discovering weaknesses and strengths, and evaluating work on these foundations».

Young talents

Regarding the formation of a special drama writing workshop at Jernas Art Production, the art company he owns, Ahmed Al Jassmi pointed to the establishment of five young Emirati cadres in the field, explaining: «I would like to talk about Bashayer Al Abdouli, a young Emirati creative who studied in Australia and returned home loaded with a sincere desire to provide different and distinct things, and I am also reminded of the distinguished experience of Dr. Ali Al Sayegh, the owner of the main idea of (Ahl Al-Dar), who worked hard and persevering to write the first episodes of the new series». He noted the step and wished that its positive effects will reflect on the Ramadan scene this year. He continued: «I think that the audience will notice the new youth drama in the work through the creations of Sayegh and Abdouli, and my keenness on the final (screening) of the dialogues and cutting the scenes of the work in which the youthful spirit emerges par excellence».