One civilian helicopter crashed in a mountain in Yeongwol,
Gangwon Province, killing two people, including the pilot. Contrary to the flight plan submitted, the circumstances under which construction materials were transported by helicopter have emerged, and investigations are being carried out in this area.

Sung-Joon Park is a reporter for G1 Broadcasting.

helicopter was badly damaged to the point that it was difficult to make it out, and the wreckage is strewn about.

One civilian helicopter crashed into Mount Airriya on the north side of Yeongwol County at around 2:1 a.m.

Residents say the helicopter, which was flying low, suddenly roared and crashed.

[Lee Sung-yeol/Accident Witness: I was about to start a fire in the bowels, but there was a 'bang' and I looked up and the aircraft flew away.]

The accident killed 1-year-old Noh Mo, a helicopter pilot, and 7-year-old Lee Mo, an employee of a cargo hauler.

There was no secondary damage such as forest fires, but the concentration of private houses near the crash site almost led to a major accident.

Based on police and other reports, it appears that the accident helicopter crashed when its tail feathers got caught in the transmission line while transporting materials for the renovation of the transmission tower.

[Park Jae-jin/Yeongwol Fire Department On-site Response Team Leader: Two patients suffered cardiac arrest due to a helicopter crash while the helicopter was transporting wires due to the installation of safety facilities.]

However, the circumstances emerged that the accident helicopter had flown differently from the flight plan.

Before takeoff, the helicopter reported to the Seoul Regional Aviation Administration's Gimpo Airport Aviation Information Office as a "Chuncheon, Hongcheon, and Inje patrol management flight."

We contacted the helicopter company several times to get their stance on this, but we could not reach them.

The accident helicopter was a Eurocopter AS46 aircraft manufactured in 64, and the Accident Investigation Committee of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport dispatched a rapid response team to the scene to investigate the exact circumstances of the accident.

(Video Interview: Kim Min-so G51 Broadcasting, Screen Credit: Viewers)