Weather forecast for Tuesday, March 14

Rain returns to the North, sun to the South



In the North, very cloudy skies since the morning with rains on Lombardy, Emilia, Triveneto and Levante Ligure, snow on the Alps above 1500 meters above sea level, strong winds of Libeccio will blow on the Ligurian Sea and the Apennine ridge, maximum temperatures decreasing. Improvement from the afternoon on Piedmont and Western Liguria.


In the Center the worst weather will be found in Tuscany where rain is expected and possible formation of thunderstorms in transfer in the afternoon to Umbria and Lazio, better weather on regions of the Adriatic side. Mild climate for the period with temperatures well above average.


In the South and on the islands initially we will have scattered clouds, basically high and stratified and without associated significant phenomena, then the cloud cover will gradually become more compact and will also bring associated scattered rainfall, more extensive and intense on the Tyrrhenian regions. Maximum temperatures will be falling on Sardinia, rising on Sicily and peninsular regions.