Twelve-year-old Luise has been stabbed. In the autopsy of the body in the forensic medicine of the University Hospital Mainz had been found numerous knife wounds, informed the authorities on Tuesday. The girl from Freudenberg in the Siegerland bled to death as a result.

Luise was killed by two girls from her circle of acquaintances. Both suspects were younger than 14 years and thus not criminally responsible, informed the competent public Prosecutor's office on Tuesday in Koblenz.

The missing twelve-year-old girl was found dead on Sunday near a bike path on Rhineland-Palatinate territory directly on the border with North Rhine-Westphalia. On Monday, the Koblenz police and prosecutor's office confirmed that the child had been the victim of a crime. "The investigations carried out so far confirm the suspicion that the girl has been the victim of a homicide," said a spokesman for the prosecutor's office.

Way home of the killed girl is a mystery

For Tuesday at 13.30 p.m., the authorities have invited to a joint press conference in Koblenz. Until then, no further information will be given to the public, said a police spokeswoman. For Tuesday, a result of the autopsy of the killed girl was expected.

The child was last seen on Saturday around 17.30 clock in Freudenberg, as it started after visiting a friend on foot the way home. When the twelve-year-old did not come home, the search had begun in the evening with strong forces of police and fire brigade.

It is still a mystery why the dead girl was not found on the way home from her friend in the direction of Freudenberg city center, but in the opposite direction and thus on Rhineland-Palatinate territory.