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The plane lands on top of the Burji al Arab in Dubai: the unprecedented feat of Luke Czepiela

The Polish pilot was preparing for this moment from 2021.He totaled 650 test landings at ground level, to strengthen his confidence in the ability to land in the 27 meters of Dubai's elevated heliport


Polish pilot Luke Czepiela landed his 7-meter-long plane, a modified Cub Crafters Carbon Cub, on the helipad of Dubai's famous tower, the Burj Al Arab. The helipad measures 27 meters in diameter and is located at a height of 212 meters above.

At 39, the champion has already repeatedly pushed the limits of aviation: at 6:58 am on March 14, he also became the first man in history to land a plane on the heliport atop the iconic starred hotel in the United Arab Emirates.

The pilot had only 27 meters to stop his aircraft and completed the operation in 20.76 meters.

Although the plane was created specifically for sudden landings under ordinary circumstances, landing atop a 56-story building ensured that Czepiela's historic landing took place under extraordinary circumstances.