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The devastation of Cyclone Freddy in Mozambique – the video from the drone

The effects of the passage of the storm that broke all records of strength and duration


Cyclone Freddy forced hundreds of people to flee to Mozambique where it landed for the second time last week breaking all records for the strength and duration of tropical storms in the southern hemisphere.

The confirmed victims in Mozambique at the moment are 17 to which must be added the 199 in Malawi, but the tragic toll is destined to rise.

1,900 homes were destroyed in the coastal province of Zambezia. Tens of thousands of people are still in shelters and reception centers.

Filming taken on Monday 13 March by UNICEF in Nicoadala district showed the vast submerged areas, flooded houses and fields.

Freddy developed near Australia in early February and crossed the entire southern Indian Ocean. On February 19, after traveling 8,800 kilometers, he reached Madagascar.

On February 24 he arrived for the first time in Mozambique where he returned to strike for the second time, with winds up to 200 kilometers per hour, on March 11, touching land in Quelimane.