It was in October 2016 when Meghan Markle first met the queen at the time. The future Duchess of Sussex reported on this encounter as well as her husband Harry, who writes about it in his autobiography. Accordingly, Meghan allegedly did not know that she had to make a kink in front of the monarch, which Harry's aunt, the Duchess of York, is said to have taught her in a hurry.

Peter-Philipp Schmitt

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"Fergie once led the way. Meg did the same," Harry writes. She was naïve and had no idea that she would have to bend in front of Harry's "Granny", said the American in 2021 in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. "I thought it was a joke." She obviously hasn't fully understood the tradition to this day. On the one hand.

Sophie is one of the most hard-working royals

On the other hand, she has accepted that others before her had to make a kink as Duchess, among them Sophie of Edinburgh, the wife of King Charles III's youngest brother. But that's over since Edward became Duke of Edinburgh last Friday, his 59th birthday. This means that his wife, who is one of the most diligent in the House of Windsor when it comes to public appearances for the royal family, is now Duchess.

She was relieved about it, as an unnamed friend British media now reported. "She no longer has to make a kink in front of a member of the family who has not only said goodbye to all royal duties, but has also been criticizing the institution for which Sophie works so hard for three years."

The Queen had asked the then Countess of Wessex to act as Meghan's mentor to prepare her for royal life. Elizabeth II apparently thought that Sophie Rhys-Jones, who herself came from a middle-class background, her father was a tyre dealer, her mother a secretary, would be particularly well suited for this role. The American Meghan Markle, however, rejected the offer.