Minhyuk, a member of the group MONSTA X, will enlist in April.

Yesterday (4th), Minhyuk posted a handwritten letter on the official fan café, directly telling his fans about his enlistment.

Minhyuk said, "I'm sorry that our Monbebe (fandom name) must have come in sad just by looking at the 'Minhyuk' post, and I don't think I'll be able to see you very often for a while for the duty of defense on April 13th."

Minhyuk, who said that it hurts the most to not be able to communicate with fans for a while, such as leaving a post in person at a fan café and meeting with fans on social media live, said, "Other than this, I try to go with a good heart."

He said, "I'm already excited to spend the next time strengthening myself and becoming a cooler Minhyuk and receiving more love from Monbebe."

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Minhyuk continued, "Don't be too sad because you're not going far away. I think I'm going to be sad a lot, but I hope not," she said, adding, "Thank you for your undeserved love for me, who has always been just a normal person. I'm sorry again that I can't seem to repay you well no matter what."

Finally, Minhyuk said, "During the time I can't see, I'm going to come back as a healthy and cool person in body and mind. Monbebe I love you so much, thank you so much, and let's see you next year with a smile. I'll be here soon."

Minhyuk, who debuted in May 2015, became the second Monsta X player to enlist in Monsta X this year at the age of 5 after Shenu. Shenu, who enlisted in July 29, will be demobilized on April 2021.

(Photo = Monsta X Official Fan Cafe, Facebook) (SBS Svstar) (SBS Entertainment News Jeon Min-jae Editor)