A special atmosphere designed with international standards that combines reading, learning and fun

Mohammed bin Rashid Library opens worlds for children with 25,<> titles

  • Throughout the year, the library offers cultural and entertainment events for all ages. From the source

  • The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library seeks to contribute to stimulating the passion of future generations by providing a specialized children's library. From the source

  • The library is regularly visited by school students. From the source


Since its inauguration last June, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, and based on its social responsibility, seeks to contribute to stimulating children's passion by providing a specialized children's library, designed according to the highest and latest technologies and international standards, which offers throughout the year many cultural, educational and entertainment events, contributing within a short period of time to a vital role in enhancing teaching and learning for future generations, as it provides them with opportunities to expand their knowledge and improve their reading and writing skills, exploration, critical thinking, and innovation, through a group of A wide range of distinctive books directed to them, which encourage them to read, stimulate their interests and develop their reading skills.

The library enjoys continuous visits to students of Arab and foreign schools and educational institutions throughout the year, and has so far witnessed about 40,<> visits from various educational, local and international bodies and institutions.

On the occasion of Emirati Children's Day, which the UAE celebrates on March 15 each year, the Mohammed bin Rashid Library lights up on the 1370,11-square-foot Children's Library, which aims to support the needs of children between the ages of five and 25, as it contains a collection of more than <>,<> titles, including stories, reference books, encyclopedias, early learning books, tablet books for our youngest readers and a collection of three-dimensional books. Bin Rashid in Dubai offers a variety of collections for children of determination such as talking books, Braille books for the blind, and sensory books.

Learn and have fun

The Children's Library is keen to create a comfortable environment that combines learning and fun, moving between books and interacting with technology, which can help children learn concepts in an interactive and fun way, in addition to encouraging innovation and continuous exploration, and communication between other children of different ages and different cultural backgrounds, providing a beautiful space for games, to promote physical activity in children, and the interactive screen through which the story is chosen, sitting, listening to and watching at the same time, as well as the robot that tells stories to child visitors, In addition to providing tablets that the child can borrow for an hour, it contains educational games, amusement games, Nahla, Nahil and YouTube platform for children.

In parallel with the library's interest in the content of books, it is interested in its employees, so all children's librarians have experience in dealing with children and specialists in psychology and areas related to childhood, and it is also keen to involve librarians and staff in the development process and bring everything that is valuable and innovative and inform them of the latest developments, in addition to exchanging experiences and knowledge through participation in local and international exhibitions and conferences that care for children and focus on the latest developments in the world of stories and reading, most notably their participation in The Bologna Children's Book Fair, the world's leading professional event dedicated to the children's book publishing industry.

Sustainable Events

In conjunction with Emirati Children's Day, the Library organizes a series of cultural events and workshops for children at the Children's Library during the Month of Reading, which was launched under the slogan "The UAE Reads".

The Library intends to launch a cultural initiative, the first of its kind under the title "A World that Reads", which aims to support and enrich school libraries, as well as libraries of governmental, local and private centers and departments, universities and colleges with a valuable collection of diverse books, in support of the leadership's vision to lay solid foundations for building a creative cultural scene in the Emirate of Dubai.

The activities of the Children's Reading Month began with "My Favorite Game", which included the axes of the game, its components, and introducing it, and providing children with the opportunity to express the game cards and the game box in full, and their vision of the game, with the aim of teaching them how to create, and the second weekend event, "My Behavior in the Library", came to introduce children to what the library contains, and how their behavior is inside the library and the process of searching for books, which are on the shelves, through activity sheets, pencils and crayons.

The third week's event, titled "We Design and Create a Book Divider", is filled with information on design and coloring, allowing children to use crayons, stickers, and white paper made of cardboard, to introduce them to the design process and the tools in which it is used.

Entitled "Tell us about your favorite book", the event will start in which children use an activity sheet and a pen to write the name of their favorite book, and then ask them to draw the cover of this book, while the fifth week event will be entitled "Image and Word Synthesis Workshop", on how to implement the formation process and combine images, in an effort to reach words that read, have an educational meaning, and children can implement them at the end of the workshop.

Wide Participations

Over the past few years, the Mohammed bin Rashid Library has organized several events dedicated to children, which witnessed wide participation and great praise from all parents, stressing the role of workshops and entertainment events in expanding children's perceptions and encouraging them to visit public libraries.

In conjunction with Emirati Children's Day, the Library organizes a series of cultural events and workshops for young readers at the Children's Library.