President and founder of the association Les Pêcheurs du cœur, a collective based in Marseille, Mathieu Ferreira brings together solidarity fishermen wishing to help the most disadvantaged. In addition to turning old wetsuits into carpets for the homeless, its members prepare fish soup... that they fished that very morning!

"The water is cold, but the homeless are much colder than us"

"We are in Marseille, in L'Estaque, and we are going to make a small fishing that will be used to prepare a soup for the homeless," explains Mathieu, surrounded by three "colleagues". The cold of the sea does not stop them in their solidarity action: "the water must be between 10 and 13 degrees, but it is for a good cause and the homeless are much colder than us".


Through his association, Mathieu especially wants to pay tribute to a request from his mother: "she was suffering from cancer that has become widespread and before her death, she asked me to help the most disadvantaged, the people who need it, across the sea. The main thing is that there is sharing, generosity, mutual aid and especially love. »

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