The elderly mother, who was found dead after a fire broke out in an apartment in Gimpo, Gyeonggi Province, has been living a socially isolated life since the death of all her other family members.

According to the Gimpo Police Station in Gyeonggi, a woman in her 11s and her son B, who were found dead in an apartment in Gimpo-dong on the 80th, have been living alone for years.

Ms. A's husband, Ms. C, died in 50, and one of their three sons and one daughter, except for Ms. B, passed away one after another.

Since then, Mr. A's mother has been living for five years on the savings left by Mr. C when he died and an old-age pension of up to 2018,3 won per month to Mr. A.

Mr. C, who was decorated as a veteran of the June 1 war, received a pension from the state, but this pension was reportedly cut off after his death.

Mr. A owned the apartment and had cash property left by Mr. C, so he did not qualify for the basic living allowance requirement.

They were found to be elderly and living virtually away from society, with all their immediate family members dead, and in poor conditions such as leaving garbage in their homes.

When fire authorities arrived at the scene to extinguish the fire, garbage bags littered the apartment's living room and four rooms.

There was reportedly no sign of eating food at home, including the use of firearms.

Police are investigating the specific circumstances of the fire, keeping in mind the possibility that the lighter from the room where his son, Mr. B, was found dead, may have started the fire.

Ms. A, who was found at the scene of the fire, was believed to have died several days ago, but the exact time of death has not been confirmed.

A police official said, "We are continuing to investigate whether it was arson caused by cigarette burning or a misfire," adding, "The cause of Mr. A's death should be performed on a detailed autopsy, but considering the condition of the house and their previous lives, we cannot rule out the possibility of starvation."

Earlier, at around 30:5 am on the 6th, a fire of unknown cause broke out in an apartment building in Gimpo City, and it was extinguished in 25 minutes.

Mr. A and Mr. B were found inside the house but were dead.

(Photo = Courtesy of Gimpo Fire Department, Yonhap News)