Firefighters intervened in mid-February in the town of Razac-d'Eymet (Dordogne) to help a 4-year-old boy. While in his garden, the child stepped on a well that gave way. He found himself at the bottom after falling about nine meters, reports France Bleu Périgord. His parents immediately alerted the firefighters.

When they arrived, the boy was "very shocked" but not injured. In total, he remained at the bottom of the well for twenty-five minutes before being extracted by firefighters. He was then taken care of on the spot by the emergency services and transported to the hospital for check-ups. He returned home in the evening.

"He was very lucky. There was not much water, so he did not drown, and there were no stones that could have injured him, "says the head of the intervention group and the fire brigade center of Eymet while describing a child "very brave". On Sunday, the boy went with his parents to the fire station in his village to thank the firefighters who rescued him.

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