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If this use speaks to you, there remains the question of price: electric bikes remain expensive. Fortunately, government assistance can help you acquire your new model. And that's not all: Cdiscount also presents different solutions for you. An example: the French site is currently reducing the price of the Shengmilo M90 model by €110. By combining these and other benefits, you could completely rethink all your outdoor experiences.

Electric bike for less than €1,000: it's possible thanks to this good Cdiscount plan

The discount is directly indicated on the product page: at the moment, it goes from € 1,099 to € 989. Adding state aid, the Shengmilo M90 becomes much more affordable and offers excellent value for money.

The French brand adds some additional savings by offering you delivery. You can also pay for the purchase of your bike in installments with 4 monthly payments of € 253.01.

Also think about the options set up by the site. With the Cdiscount card, you benefit from additional discounts, a part of your invoice refunded and new payment facilities. In the case of the Shengmilo M90, you can also insure it with a Breakage guarantee at €119.99.

Cdiscount can finally take back your previous bike. This will save you space and time.

Shengmilo M90: why fall for this electric bike

Not sure if the M90 is right for you? Follow the guide. You are dealing here with a mountain bike. It is therefore designed to face significant relief and obstacles. This model confirms it with its 29" frame, a chassis designed to offer excellent traction. Add to that a nice power (500W) and a hydraulic suspension offering excellent shock cushioning. Adept of difficult paths, this electric bike can take you everywhere with ease.

Its 7-speed transmission is synonymous with versatility in the face of regularly changing situations. Hydraulic brakes deliver more braking power and more comfortable operation than traditional mechanical brakes.

Another great strength of Shengmilo's bike is its autonomy. With a maximum of 80 kilometers of endurance, it is made for medium and large getaways. Its battery being removable, it is easier to charge.

Its frame, made of aluminum alloy, shows great durability. This material will be able to withstand splashes and other vagaries of time. It also gives a more chic look to the machine and the one who directs it.

Discover the offer

Cdiscount is used to reducing the price on a multitude of electric bikes and scooters. If you want to use these vehicles for your daily trips (e.g. to and from work), check out the category in the catalogue dedicated to electric urban mobility. You will find solutions for all scenarios.

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