An elderly man in his 80s who entered a
dementia nursing home was beaten to death by other residents. A police investigation confirmed that there had been a habitual assault, but the nursing home has not informed the family.

This is a report by reporter Kwang Hyun Pyung.


A man hits a man in a wheelchair on the arm and head, then pushes him down the hallway.

When the wheelchair man returns, he is hit several times on the back of the head.

Eventually, caregivers rush in and separate the two men.

The assaulted patient in his 80s was taken to the emergency room, where he died the next day after being treated for an acute cerebral hemorrhage.

It was my 25th day in the nursing home.

This is the nursing home where the death occurred.

The assault took place on the first floor of the house where elderly men lived.

After the police investigation began, the family heard a shocking story.

Eight days' worth of CCTV footage showed six assaults identified by police.

[Victim daughter: Almost as soon as you came in, she threw out her arm like this... Then I start punching, punching.]

From the first visit after entering the hospital, I noticed bruises on my father's body, but the word assault was never mentioned in the observation log prepared by the nursing home.

It only said that there had been an argument when I entered the other patients' room.

[Victim's daughter: The obligation to notify the few items in the contract would have been done if we had received it properly.]

The nursing home explained that there was a limit to preventing the accidental actions of elderly people with dementia.

[Nursing home director: Because we shouldn't be physically restrained or not, because we are not one-on-one care in such a situation....]

Police charged two elderly perpetrators with assault manslaughter and the nursing home with professional manslaughter.

[Victim daughter: Professional and... I trusted you to take care of me really well. I really didn't know that the way he was crying at the last visit would really be the last time.]

(Video Interview: Lee Sang-hak, Video Editing: Park Jung-sam, CG: Jo Su-in)