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To be fully tranquil, simply choose a vacuum cleaner with a base. With it, the device will not need you for weeks or even months. There are still other criteria to remember when choosing your new appliance. To illustrate them, we spotted a great promotion at Cdiscount. At the moment, the Ecovacs Deebot X1 model lowers its price and just goes under the €900 mark. This is the right time for you to discover this machine and take the plunge.

Robot vacuum cleaner: the details of the new Cdiscount good deal

Before telling you more about the technical characteristics of the Deebot X1, let's take the time to specify the offer of the merchant site. For an indefinite period, Cdiscount offers it at 899 € instead of a normal price of 945 €. This represents an immediate discount of 46 €, a nice little discount that is also an opportunity to get rid of the household.

In addition, the French brand offers delivery, but can also take back an old household appliance just as free. If your old vacuum cleaner bothers you, Cdiscount gets rid of it.

Even with this discount, buying the Deebot X1 is still a significant budget. Think about payment facilities to help you finance it. You can pay it in 4 monthly installments, and up to 20 monthly installments for Cdiscount card holders.

Ecovacs Deebot X1, the household robot that has it all figured out

Now it's time for the characteristics of the robot vacuum cleaner. The Deebot X1 is a high-end model. It is aimed at owners (and tenants) of large houses. People who want to keep their household chores to a minimum will also appreciate this model.

The X1 has all the features for this. It vacuums and washes in a fully automated way: once the first task is completed, it starts the second. If he lacks energy, he returns to his base alone and later picks up where he left off. He does his maintenance himself, drying his mops with hot air.

With a battery life of up to 260 minutes, this model is suitable for all homes up to 400 m². Its water tanks (clean / dirty) both have a capacity of 4 liters. With the 3-liter dust collector, you get a machine that can operate without any intervention on your part for 75 days.

The Ecovacs Deebot X1 is compatible with the Yiko voice assistant, allowing you to control it from across the room. Once launched, the device maps your interior, but also spots all obstacles in its path.

Order the Ecovacs robot vacuum cleaner

The Deebot X1 is a nice option, but Cdiscount has many others. Its catalog includes dozens of robot vacuum cleaners with base included. With major brands represented, such as Kärcher or Roborock, you are spoilt for choice.

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