The police did not dare on Tuesday to pull a bus from a residential building in Castrop-Rauxel, in which he had crashed in an accident on Monday. "The bus supports the house," said a police spokesman on Tuesday. On Wednesday, an attempt should be made to pull the vehicle out of the building. Previously, "Bild" had reported about it.

It was not clear whether the house was in danger of collapsing, said the police spokesman. Experts had not come to a clear conclusion and wanted to look at the building again on Wednesday. The bus had gone off the road on Monday afternoon, collided with several vehicles parked on the roadside and finally crashed into the house. Photos show that the front of the bus is in the corner of the building.

The bus driver and a woman on the bus – she was the only passenger – were taken to hospitals with some serious injuries. A resident of the affected house was slightly injured.