I am not a martyr but I fight", Cospito returns to speak and does so by videoconference with the hearing at the Perugia Review. Alfredo Cospito, sentenced to 41 bis, connected with the hearing of the review court that will have to examine again the request to cancel the precautionary measures ordered by the investigating judge at the request of the local Public Prosecutor's Office against him and five other suspects for incitement to crime, also aggravated by the purposes of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order in relation to some articles published in the magazine "Vetriolo".

The defenses asked for the revocation of the precautionary measure speaking of a free expression of thought, while the Perugia Public Prosecutor's Office asked for the confirmation of the precautionary detention order in light of the perimeter outlined by the Supreme Court and also highlighted that the writings did not have only an ideological value but led to practical repercussions.

The judges are gathered in the bunker room of Capanne prison. To those who saw him, Cospito appeared "very tried and slimmed" for the hunger strike and the man read a long memoir to reiterate that his is a battle "against the repression of freedom". The other five suspects also took the floor essentially to express their solidarity.

Outside a group of anarchists is demonstrating in support of Cospito: "Fuori Alfredo dal 41 bis", "Con la pena, con il pensiero, con l'azione. Freedom for comrades" are just two of the banners displayed along the area of the Capanne prison which is controlled by an impressive security service. Checks also on the access roads to the prison.