• This Tuesday, the investigating chamber of the Toulouse Court of Appeal examined for the seventh time the request for release of Cédric Jubillar and deliberated its decision on March 28.
  • In detention for twenty-one months for the murder of his wife, the Tarn plasterer has again "claimed his innocence" according to his lawyers.
  • The latter consider that the presumption of innocence of their client is flouted and continue to denounce his conditions of detention, in solitary confinement.

For the seventh time, this Tuesday, March 14, Cédric Jubillar's lawyers pleaded for the release of their client, in pre-trial detention since June 18, 2021 after his indictment for the murder of his wife, Delphine. This mother disappeared from the marital home on the night of December 15 to 16, 2020, in Cagnac-les-Mines, in the Tarn.

The investigating chamber of the Toulouse Court of Appeal re-examined the defence's arguments during a closed hearing, in the presence of the 35-year-old plasterer. Without any real twist in recent weeks in a case where the prosecution relies on "a bundle of serious and concordant evidence", but without body, confession or crime scene.

"The prosecution repeats over and over again, whatever the evolution of the case, the fact that it can only be Cédric Jubillar and that from that moment on he can only remain in prison. We are obviously dealing with a stubbornness of the prosecution that violates the presumption of innocence, "lamented Alexandra Martin, one of his lawyers.

"He has all his mental health and it becomes an achievement"

For him, if the prosecution were to be followed once again, "it means that this man, in a year, a year and a half – this is the prospect that one can have if a trial is organized – will still be in detention". Because, after a reconstruction in mid-December and many investigative acts, the closure of the investigation could occur in the coming months. For a trial before the Assizes next year.

Meanwhile, Cédric Jubillar is still in solitary confinement. "I wonder how he didn't go crazy, when you don't see anyone, you only talk to the walls. This man has all his sanity and I think that becomes an achievement. He has the strength of one who is innocent," insisted Mr. Martin.

For twenty-one months, each request before the liberty and detention judge has been rejected. A scenario that is repeated before the investigating chamber which must render its decision this time on March 28. To justify their decision to extend pre-trial detention, judges rely on certain criteria of article 144 of the Criminal Code, including the retention of evidence and evidence, or "pressure on witnesses or victims and their families".

A home ready to welcome him

At the hearing, the lawyers of the Tarnais again addressed the question of housing that could accommodate him if he were ever placed under electronic bracelet. On several occasions, this apartment made available by an acquaintance of Cédric Jubillar was deemed unhealthy by the prison integration and probation services. This has been denounced several times by the defense, photo in support.

If, in 15 days, the judges do not grant the request made by Delphine Jubillar's husband, others will follow. "This is not the request of the last chance. Requests for release there will be others if necessary. Cédric Jubillar has again claimed his innocence, "testified Jean-Baptiste Alary, one of the lawyers of the one who remains the main suspect in the death of his wife.

For the latter there is a risk that the detention of their client will be assimilated to his guilt and that "his release would mean his innocence", hence his continued detention. "While we are not at all in this debate, we are on a technical debate and it is simply a question of knowing what we want to do with pre-trial detention in France," he concludes.

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