Adel Khozam launches "Poems in the palm of the hand" in French before Arabic

  • Cover of the collection. From the source

  • Adel Khozam has published 18 books. From the source


The new poetry collection of Emirati poet Adel Khozam, entitled "Poems in the Palm of the Hand", was recently published in the French capital, Paris, by the prestigious L'Armatan publishing house, which constitutes a remarkable presence of Emirati literature at the international level.

In its introduction to the book, the French house said on the back of the outer cover: «There is a new poetic energy that we discover in these texts by the Arab poet Adel Khozam, who is adept at generating images, integrating meanings and ideas, and broadcasting them in a different horizon that establishes the art of writing poems of the daily life of modern man and poses his questions that are formed by changing identities and overlapping cultural and aesthetic borders».

The book consists of 230 short palm-sized poems, all of which are spoken in just one word as a foundation for the rhythm of the book and the texts that Khozam chose to publish first in French, if he had never published them in Arabic. The texts were translated by Paris-based Lebanese writer Hussein Kobeissi. The book is decorated with a wide range of interior paintings by artist Manal Al-Khozam, who also designed the cover painting, and the artist previously collaborated with Adel Khozam on the design of the book "The Tree of the World", which was launched at Expo 2020 Dubai with the participation of 406 poets from five continents.

It is noteworthy that Khozam published about 18 books distributed between poetry, novel, philosophy, translations and studies. The Arab poet Adonis described his book "The Naked Spring" as the most clairvoyant of Arabic poetry in the first quarter of the 21st century. Khozam has also won international awards in poetry, including the Tuliola Prize in Italy and the 2021 International Poet of the Year Award from the International Center for Translation and Poetry Research in China.