Coasts of Brucoli, in Syracuse

Accidentally found the tugboat "Curzola", shipwrecked 88 years ago: "It is the tomb of 18 men"

The cause of the sinking was probably adverse weather conditions or a collision with an unknown ship. The wreck was found, apparently intact, at a depth of about 120 meters and less than 4 km from the coast



They were looking for a submarine from World War II and found the "Korčula", a tugboat sunk almost 90 years ago with the crew. It was March 12, 1935 when off the coast of Brucoli, in the Syracuse area, due to weather conditions or a collision with an unknown ship, the tugboat foundered. No survivors, the 18 young men on board died (3 petty officers and 15 sailors).

Considering the high depth - explains the inspector for underwater assets of Syracuse, Fabio Portella - and the difficult conditions in which to operate, due to complete darkness, low temperature and decompression problems, "it will be unlikely to be able to bring parts of the tug to the surface". The wreck, in fact, station at an important depth, about 120 meters, and at a distance of just under 4 km from the coast of Brucoli, across Capo Campolato.

The only certainty at the moment will be to guarantee the video and photographic documentation looking for the causes on the sad epilogue of the "Korčula". A dynamic to be clarified also for the families of the victims.