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A security worker was found dead in an apartment in Gangnam, Seoul, yesterday (14th). The suicide note not only stated that the warden was struggling because of his condition, but also claimed that the death of another cleaning worker was also linked to the warden.

Sewon Park is a reporter.


At around 7:40 a.m. yesterday, Park Mo, a security worker in his 70s, was found dead in an apartment in Seoul's Gangnam district.

Park's suicide note to a colleague stated, "The warden who drags me to death must be responsible for the mental and physical suffering."

Colleagues say Park, who has worked for more than a decade, struggled with the suspension of the director who took over late last year, and was demoted from a security guard to a general security worker a week ago.

[Fellow security worker: The new receiver (security worker) is not good at manipulating it. The director told me to cut it because of the complaint. (Park) asked me to look at it, three months. (The warden) asked why he didn't cut it....]

In her suicide note, Park said, "The director should also be responsible for the death of the sanitation worker," referring to the death of another worker.

On Jan. 10, Kim Mo, a cleaning worker in her 3s who worked in the same apartment, died of a heart attack at her home, and colleagues claim she died of shock the day after she was notified of her dismissal by the warden.

[Fellow security worker: (Kim) lives with her disabled son. Wouldn't you be shocked to suddenly receive a notice of dismissal? I couldn't breathe when I was notified of my dismissal that day.]

Two workers were killed within a week, and banners were posted inside the apartment demanding that the director be held accountable.

The warden has reportedly denied the allegations surrounding him.

Police believe Park made an extreme choice and are investigating the specific circumstances of her death.

(Video Interview: Cho Chang-hyun, Video Editing: Kim Yoon-sung)

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