«Zayed from challenge to union» in the hands of future generations

The National Library and Archives organized reading workshops for students on "Zayed from Challenge to Union". From the source

As part of its "Month of Reading" program, the National Library and Archives in Abu Dhabi organized a book fair, in which many libraries and publishing houses participated with books and publications that were very popular with employees and visitors.

The exhibition attracted visits from school students for whom the National Archives and Library organized reading workshops on "Zayed from Challenge to Union".

Farhan Al Marzouqi, Director of Institutional and Community Outreach at the National Archives and Library, said: "The book fair has become an annual tradition organized by the Archives at its headquarters, in conjunction with the National Month of Reading," noting that the three-day exhibition is a window on the most prominent publications that contribute to educating employees, enriching their knowledge, and encouraging them to read.

He added that «the book fair complements the rest of the activities of the (Month of Reading), as it reflects the cultural and intellectual movement to which the archives and the National Library contribute».

On the first day of the exhibition, the National Library and Archives welcomed student trips from the Higher College of Technology, Halima Al Saadia School and Hamouda Bin Ali School in Abu Dhabi. He organized reading workshops for students in the book "Zayed from Challenge to Union", which is one of the most important national publications, which consolidates the students' national identity and contributes to instilling a love of reading in them.