«Publisher Weekly»: Sharjah tours the world with a book in her hand

  • The cover of the magazine in its new issue. From the source

  • Ahmed Al Ameri: "Preparations have begun for the book's journey to East Asia, where South Korea celebrates Sharjah's cultural enlightenment project."


In its new issue, Al-Nasher Weekly magazine dealt with the schools of Orientalism entitled "The new Italian Arabization does justice to Arab culture", and conducted an interview with the Italian Arabist Dr. Simone Sibilio, and stated that "there is a new school of Arabization that includes fair researchers of Arab culture, with a high degree of objectivity in dealing with and studying and fairness of Arab civilization and its status."

The Chairman of the Sharjah Book Authority and Editor-in-Chief, Ahmed bin Rakad Al Ameri, said in the opening of the issue: "Preparations have begun for the book's journey to East Asia, as South Korea celebrates the Sharjah Cultural Enlightenment Project led by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, for five decades, with a clear cultural vision, continuous support, and generous care, based on the belief in the role of culture in building people and in building bridges between peoples, as it is the deepest, most enduring and most influential ties." He described Sharjah as "a traveler of knowledge, who goes to the world, and hosts the world, with a book in her hand, a dream in her vision, and in her plan to build minds and rebuild hearts. In all its steps, it represents Arab culture, wherever it goes, to reaffirm to the world that we are a nation worthy of the sun and worthy of the highest position."

The magazine has published articles, studies, news about new releases, book reviews, reports on the publishing industry, and several interviews.

Meanwhile, the managing editor, poet Ali al-Amiri, addressed the phenomenon of resorting to fortune tellers and superstitions in times of crisis, including the recent earthquake that struck areas in Syria and Turkey. "Nature is innocent of all charges, and the earth has no intention of taking revenge on humans, but it is rebalancing it," he said, referring to sins committed by man against nature, such as wars and poisoning rivers with factory waste.