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A courier in his 40s who was spotted by the owner for robbing an empty house during delivery has been caught by the police.

The Gwangju West Police Station announced on the 45th that it is investigating a courier driver, Mr. A (13), on suspicion of attempted robbing an empty house (attempted burglary of a night house).

Mr. A is suspected of opening the window of a two-story house in Hwajeong-dong, Seo-gu, Gwangju around 11 pm on the 8th, breaking in and looking for items to steal, but was discovered by the landlord, Mr. B, who was returning home, and fled.

Mr. B immediately called the police, who responded to the scene and identified Mr. A as a suspect based on CCTV footage of the surrounding area and the dashcam of the parked car.

According to the police investigation, at the time of the crime, Mr. A parked the delivery vehicle 2 meters away from the victim's house, took off his vest with the name of the company, and walked away.

After the crime, he climbed over a fence in a residential alleyway, got back into the vehicle, and fled home.

It is reported that Mr. A admitted to the crime during the police investigation, saying, "I owe 300 million won while doing entertainment, and because I worked as a courier, I committed a crime against a house that was absent during delivery."

The police are investigating the exact circumstances of Mr. A's crime and his crimes.