An affair couple who locked a woman in her 30s in a motel and sexually assaulted her with the promise of "making billions" has been caught by police.

According to police on the 13th, the Gangdong Police Station in Seoul threatened · Confinement · On suspicion of violating the Special Law on the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes (special rape), a woman in her 40s was handed over to the prosecutor's office in custody.

Mr. B, a man in his 40s, who is Mr. A's younger brother, was arrested on the 8th and is under investigation.

As a result of the police investigation, Ms. A and Ms. B are suspected of committing sexual violence after detaining Ms. C at a motel in Seoul for about three months from November last year.

Not only this, but it was also found that he extorted 11 million won from Mr. C.

They approached Mr. C, who was a real estate agent, and tricked him into saying that he would "make me about 3 billion to do business in the United States" and "I will even be responsible for the marriage of my children," and then lured him to a motel and locked him up.

The police responded to Mr. C's report and arrested Mr. A at the motel, and also tracked down Mr. B, who was not present at the time, and recently arrested him.

Police officials have confirmed the circumstances under which Mr. C was subjected to psychological domination, so-called "gaslighting," by Mr. A and Mr. B, and are continuing their investigation.

Mr. B, who is currently under investigation, is expected to be sent to the prosecutor's office within this week.