95th Academy Awards will take place this morning (13th). I'm interested in which films will win awards, especially for male and female lead actors.

Reporter Kim Kwang-hyun reports.


Yang Jia-kyung and Liang Tzu-chong, who are considered to be the best performances of all time in "Every Thing Every Wear All at Once," are Malaysian actors of overseas Chinese descent.

She's a familiar actor for Hong Kong action movies from the '80s and '90s, and it's the first time an Asian American has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress.

This sci-fi film about a multiverse world is in the top 10 categories this year.

In the film Tar, which depicts the peak and fall of the Berliner Philharmoniker's first female principal conductor, Cate Blanchett has a strong presence.

A maestro who dominates the stage and a fictional character obsessed with power and lust, Tar is credited with perfecting the twists and turns of his life.

In the Best Actor category, Brendan Fraser, who played the 272kg giant "Charlie" in "The Whale," is the No. 1 pick.

Wearing a special makeup of 45 kg, he delicately expresses the complex emotions of the protagonist in a confined space.

I'm also interested to see if Colin Farrell, who gave a brilliant performance in Inisherin's Banshee, a black comedy about two friends' break-up on an island in Ireland, and Elvis' Austin Butler, a biography of the king of rock and roll, can surpass Fraser.

Movie fans are paying attention to who will win the Oscar trophy at the world's largest film festival, which is held in the home of the film industry.

(Video editing by Shin Se-eun)