The 17 migrants who survived yesterday's shipwreck off the Libyan coast in which 30 people are reported missing have arrived in the port of Pozzallo. The survivors, all men, adults and originally from Bangledesh, were transhipped on the Coast Guard patrol boats by the merchant ship "Froland", which had rescued them. On the quay the reception machine has already been set up with the staff of the ASP and the Red Cross and the doctor of the Usmaf and with the police. The migrants, once disembarked, will be transferred to the hotspot of Pozzallo.

"Assistance services are being prepared that also take into account the extreme fragility of what they have experienced", explained the mayor of Pozzallo Roberto Ammatuna. This evening, however, 195 people are expected to arrive, again in Pozzallo, coming from Lampedusa, where the hotspot, despite the transfers, is still collapsing with about 2 thousand guests inside. Currently in the hotspot of Pozzallo, however, there are 97 guests. The structure, which has 202 beds, can accommodate, in emergency conditions, up to a maximum of 400 people.