The fire that started last night (12th) at the Hankook Tire factory in
Daejeon has continued until today. The entire plant caught fire, injuring 11 people and burning more than 20,10 tires.

Today's first news from TJB reporter Kim Chul-jin will tell you.


A huge pillar of fire soars into the sky with a roar.

The fire broke out at the Hankook Tire factory in Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, around 9:800 p.m. in the middle of night work.

[Oh my gosh. (Can I go for that?)]

The fire, which started in the "curing process" in which tire semi-finished products are steamed at high temperatures into finished products, spread to the entire 2-meter-long Plant 4 on a conveyor belt in the factory.

[Kang Yu-young/Daejeon Daedeok Fire Chief: Dust usually accumulates under the conveyor belt, and through this it spread quickly...]

Authorities issued the third stage of response, the highest level within four hours of the fire, deploying 3 firefighters and 750 pieces of equipment, but were unable to contain the flames.

After succeeding in extinguishing the main fire at around 158 a.m., 13 hours after the fire started, the fire department mobilized excavators and others to carry out the final debris work.

As of 11 p.m., all response steps issued by the fire department have been lifted, but the remnants of the fire have continued to be cleaned up.

The 6 factory workers were evacuated safely, but 560 of them were taken to hospital by smoke inhalation and one firefighter was injured.

Two factories of 10,1 square meters were burned to the ground, and 8,6 finished tires in the warehouse were reduced to ashes.

Hankook Tire's Daejeon plant also experienced a major fire in 2 that burned 21,2014 tires, and this is the fifth fire that has alternated with the Geumsan plant since 18, so controversy is growing.

(Video Interview: Kim Kyung-han TJB, Hwang Yoon-sung TJB, Choi Woon-ki TJB, Screen credit: Song Young-hoon of viewers) 2002,2 generations

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