Restaurant stirs controversy with job advertising: "For the unstupid"

A pizzeria in Columbus, Ohio has sparked controversy and eyebrows after announcing the hiring of a certain type of applicant.

Pizzale Santino posted a sign that read, "Recruitment is open to the unstupid," causing a stir on social media.

Although the announcement drew laughter from commentators, some considered it insulting. But Co-owner Jayden Donegan told ABC News that "it's more humor than anything else," adding that "it's not meant to target anyone or be rude."

Donigan said she and her family posted the sign out of frustration with hiring in recent months, adding that former employees came to the pizzeria with little or no work ethics, adding that "finding good help was difficult."

Restaurant manager Heather Stockow said they were looking for a "trusted" employee and noted that they put up the sign so people could come for job interviews and they took the work seriously.

Santino is eyeing recruitment at a time when restaurants nationwide have had trouble hiring workers, given strong demand from other industries as well as competition within the hospitality sector.