New judicial twist for Moha la Squale. He was indicted for rape in July 2022, AFP learned Monday from sources close to the case. "The facts are formally disputed and are not supported by any material evidence," said Elise Arfi, the rapper's lawyer already indicted for sexual assault and violence against ex-girlfriends and in pre-trial detention since mid-June for non-compliance with her judicial control. This new criminal classification implies that in the event of a trial, it could be held before the Assize Court and not before a criminal court. The penalty is longer.

In the spring of 2022, on Snapchat and then on the YouTube channel "La bande à Nabilflix", the complainant, Youssra, had denounced the actions of the rapper, Mohamed Bellhamed of his real name, with whom she had lived in Dubai for several months in 2021. In tears, she said that he had "hit" her several times and "threatened with a knife" in the Emirati metropolis, also spoke of a rape that allegedly occurred in Cannes, and released a photo of her with a bloodied face following blows that would have been inflicted on her in Amsterdam.

Complaints from six ex-partners

According to a source close to the case, new hearings of witnesses are to take place soon in this case. "My client is destroyed by these facts and is waiting for the trial that finally Moha la Squale can explain what she accuses her, in order to be able to rebuild herself," said AFP the lawyer who defends this new plaintiff, Alix Dominicé, asked by AFP.

Moha La Squale was initially indicted in June 2021 for spousal violence, spousal sexual assault, spousal death threats and kidnapping on various victims. In total, according to a source close to the case, he is implicated by complaints from six ex-companions, the first of which were revealed in September 2020. "I have never EVER raised my hand on a woman. This plot has been perpetuated to harm me," he defended himself in April 2021 on Twitter.

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