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In the images Heather Parisi during the program "Benedetta primavera"

Lucio Presta against the showgirl Heather Parisi: the foreclosure during the episode of Belve

The entertainment agent refers to the 2017 court ruling that condemned the showgirl for defamation and the payment of damages to the Presta family for a story related to the film "Blind Maze"


Rai/Benedetta Primavera

New chapter of the legal battle between the agent of the show Lucio Presta and the well-known showgirl Heather Parisi. In a post on Twitter, the manager addresses the dancer reminding her that she took time to settle the order of the court "which sentenced you for defamation to pay a large sum, but you and your light thought you could still get away with it, then I had to do what I never wanted". Then the same Presta reveals that "Thursday on the occasion of the recording of 'Belve', a bailiff assisted by the public force (I thank the Arma) carried out the attachment to a natural person at the studios, at the end of the recording. To avoid the mortification of seeing personal effects taken away, you had to make a transfer through third parties and pay the amount due, an operation that required a few hours spent in the dressing room of the production center. This time your mentor - writes Presta - could not escape payment and made you live a real mortification in front of everyone. Dear Heather Parisi also this time you did not want to avoid making a bad impression, shirking for months from your obligations towards me, sanctioned by the Judiciary ".

The reference is to the sentence of the judiciary of 2017 that condemned the showgirl in the first instance for defamation and the payment of damages against
the Presta family for a story related to the film 'Blind Maze', which was to be broadcast on Rai, but skipped after the controversy against
"Nemicamatissima". Heather Parisi did not respond.