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Near the factory where the
fire broke out, there was a high-speed rail track, and the Gyeongbu Expressway was passing through it. This once caused disruption to KTX service and highway traffic. At the same time, there are concerns that large amounts of wastewater from the fire-fighting process could contaminate surrounding rivers.

This story was covered by reporter Kim Min-joon.


Under the raging flames, one KTX high-speed train narrowly crosses the tracks.

As the flames intensified, Korail diverted KTX Flight 1 on the Gyeongbu Line to the general track from 12:11 pm last night (20th), and suspended two flights.

SRT trains were also disrupted, one each bound for Busan and one for Seoul.

All high-speed train services returned to normal around half-past 8 a.m. today.

You can see the train tracks and highways next to the factory with black smoke billowing.

At one point in the early morning, the flames grew and spread to 2~1m in front of the tracks.

[Korail official: There were no embers splashing on the tracks, so we resumed operation so that it would not interfere with the way to work.]

The flames also threatened the highway around the plant.

Traffic in both directions from the Namcheongju interchange to the Sintanjin interchange on the Gyeongbu Expressway was also closed for about six hours and resumed at 6:4 a.m.

Transportation is back to normal, but fire wastewater that ran through the night is raising another concern.

Firefighting wastewater is mixed with toxic substances from burning rubber and chemicals to extinguish fires, which are flowing into the Geumgang, five kilometers away.

[Lee Chang-woo/Professor, Department of Fire and Disaster Prevention, Soongsil Cyber University: (Special fire extinguishing agent) When bubbles enter the river, they float on the water and block the oxygen supply to the water, so if the water is stagnant, it will rot.]

Daejeon City and Hankook Tire deployed a 5-ton tank lorry to store firefighting wastewater and installed barriers around the river, but it has been pointed out that the wastewater is too high to be sufficient.

(Video Interview: Shin Dong-hwan, Video Editing: Lee Sang-min)

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