In the internationally popular Netflix drama "The Glory," Kim Heera's unique fan interaction as a drug addict and perpetrator of a school assault is a hot topic.

Yesterday (12th), Kim Hira posted on her SNS, "Today is a good day. I heard there was a café event starting next week."

He explained that a birthday celebration would be held at his café to coincide with his upcoming birthday.

In April 2020, Kim Hira opened a café in an alley on Daehang-ro, Seoul. He decorates the space himself, makes and delivers coffee, and has been working hard until recently.

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Earlier, in an interview with a magazine named Kim Heer, he said, "I tend to do whatever I want to do. I didn't want to do a café, but rather to create a complex and space related to art," he said, revealing his reason for starting the café.

Kim Heera, who created the space of her dreams, said on social media, "If you put your worries in this (box at the café) by this week, let's go live with this! And I'll give three of them coffee coupons", "20 Polaroid photos from home! Reminiscing about my past and saying 'Paula please' at the café, I'll give it to you" and have communicated directly with fans.

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Kim Hira also held discount events to thank fans who cared about her with autographed postcards and drink gifts.

However, after the release of "The Glory", more and more fans came to meet him in person, and Kim Heera posted on social media, "When you come to the café, I want to take all the pictures, but I'm sorry because of my condition. I'll make a quick autograph piece of paper and have it 😢 ready."

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"And if you're too busy or have a lot of other guests, just wait a little later... Quietly.... Thanks if you ask me. If you're going to take a picture, please let me come out as a beauty," the actress and café owner also left a message.

He debuted in 2009 and has shown a wide range of acting skills across genres such as musicals, plays, and dramas over the years, and has recently gained popularity with dramas such as "Woo Young-woo the Strange Lawyer" and "The Glory."

On the other hand, on the news that he is holding a birthday event at his café, fans are asking, "The boss has an event at the boss's café, would you like the boss to come?" and "The café.... I won't miss it", and "This sister's fan love is deep and deep".

(Photo = Kim Hira Alti Project Instagram, Kim Hira Twitter) (SBS Svstar) (SBS Entertainment News Jeon Min-jae Editor)