The police intercepted the driver of an Aston Martin Sunday at the height of the town of Moisenay (Seine-et-Marne). At the wheel of his powerful car, whose maximum speed is 350 km / h, the motorist committed a great excess of speed around 13:30, reports The Republic of Seine-et-Marne.

While he was driving on a departmental road, limited to 80 km / h, he was flashed by the police at 159 km / h. That's almost double the speed limit on such a road. His vehicle was immediately impounded. For his part, the driver gave his version of the facts to the police. He explained to them that he was driving at this speed because he wanted to "catch up with friends".

It is not known the amount of the fine or the penalties that will be imposed on him. At the beginning of the month, a 23-year-old motorcyclist was flashed at 257 km / h on a stretch of road limited to 80 km / h in Sainte-Luce-sur-Loire (Loire-Atlantique). Tried by the judicial court of Nantes, he was sentenced to six months in prison suspended, 870 euros fine and ten months of license suspension.

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