The fire took about 13 hours to contain the big blaze. Rubber, the main material for tires, acted as kindling, and the wind blew strongly, and the structure of the factory made extinguishing more difficult.

This was covered by reporter Yu Duk-ki.

The flames burned for nearly 21 hours in a warehouse where 13,350
tires were stored.

Rubber, the main material of tires, has a high ignition point of 9 degrees, so it is difficult to catch fire, but once it catches fire, it is not easily extinguished.

[Professor, Department of Fire and Disaster Prevention, Gongha Province/Woosuk University: Rubber is such a material that is difficult to extinguish. The sprinklers worked on time, but the capacity may not be enough.]

As soon as daylight came, nine helicopters pumped water non-stop and a large artillery launcher capable of shooting 130,4 liters per minute from a distance of 5 meters was also deployed, but it was not enough.

The steel structure, with sandwich panels as walls and a large roof, was not easy to enter the interior due to the risk of collapse.

[Song Jeong-ho/Chief of the Fire Response and Investigation Division of the Daejeon Fire Headquarters: Helicopters were deployed intensively at sunrise and the fire suppression operation was now swift by mobilizing the pocklain to remove debris from the collapse of the building....]

In addition, strong winds of 11 meters per second blew at a speed of the flames.

[Lee Young-joo/Professor of Fire Control at the University of Seoul: There were too many flammables, and the combustibles were also very flammable, and the wind was blowing hard, so the fire burned more easily....]

There was also a statement that factory employees tried to extinguish themselves when the fire started, but Hankook Tire explained, "We started extinguishing the fire at the same time as it started, and there was a difference of 119~3 minutes until the 4 call."

[Professor, Department of Fire and Disaster Prevention, Gongha-sung/Woosuk University: If you fail to extinguish it early, it is likely to spread to a large fire. (119) should have been reported at the same time.]

While police have launched an investigation into the fire, the exact cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

(Video Interview: Kim Min-chul, Video Editing: Won Hyung-hee, CG: Jegalchan and Choi Jae-young, Video credit: Daejeon Fire Headquarters)

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