A big fire broke out at Hankook Tire's Daejeon plant
last night (12th). Fire authorities at one point issued a third stage of response, mobilizing all available firefighting personnel, and 3 hours later, around 13 a.m., the blaze was extinguished.

First news, reporter Yu Deok-gi will tell you.


Flames erupt beyond high-rise apartments.

[Fish oil hot.]

The fire that started in the factory spreads right next to the road where the vehicle travels, and the heat can be felt even in the vehicle.

[Wow, hot, hot, crazy.]

At around 11:10 last night, a fire broke out at the Hankook Tire factory in Moksang-dong, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon.

So far, 10 workers have been found to have breathed smoke from the fire.

In addition, one firefighter who was fighting the fire is being treated for an ankle injury.

Fire authorities responded to reports of "a fire in machinery inside the factory" and issued the highest level of fire emergency, Stage 10 Response, from 1:2 a.m. today due to the raging flames.

Phase 10 of the response will involve the mobilization of all available firefighting personnel and equipment in the adjacent area to extinguish the fire.

The fire involved 3 people, 3 pieces of equipment and nine helicopters.

The building where the fire started was identified as a factory that uses heat to apply heat to rubber to shape it during the tire-making process, and fire authorities plan to determine the exact cause of the fire and the extent of property damage as soon as the flames are contained.

(Video editing by Kim Yoon-sung)